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As a technology and solution provider, we support companies in their transition to the Web3 era.

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Traditional transactional loyalty programs often miss the mark and reduce customer engagement to just the number of purchases. Various studies show that these systems do not achieve real customer loyalty due to their one-dimensionality.

Web3 offers a transformative solution. By using decentralized technologies, Web3 shifts the focus from transactional to truly engaging loyalty structures. Tokenization and smart contracts make loyalty more personalized, dynamic, and truly rewarding, fostering a deeper sense of community and value exchange.

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We have created a comprehensive NFT framework to make NFTs accessible to everyone.

Chainmatics Studio

With our no-code solution you can create and manage NFTs of any type.

Try it out and start your project in minutes.

You need more?

If you have any questions or special requirements for your NFT project or a larger use case, please feel free to contact us.

We will be happy to discuss an individual solution.

What we strive for

At Chainmatics, we focus on developing Web3 products and solutions that solve real-world problems and provide high value to our customers.

We try to integrate Web3 technology so seamlessly that it is imperceptible to the user!

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Seamless integration

We develop Web3 solutions that can be integrated into existing systems without much effort.

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Easy to use

The combination of user-centric design with good user experience enables effortless interactions and high adoption.

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High quality

We love what we do. We build with dedication so that you get only the best.

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Our company was founded with the goal of developing innovative and blockchain-based solutions for businesses, organizations and personal use.

Thanks to our deep experience in the software industry and our firm belief that decentralization is becoming more and more important in many areas, we want to be a reliable partner to accompany the transformation from Web2 to Web3 together with our customers.

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Frank Landgraf


Co-Founder 2

Philipp Rollmann


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In addition to our simple NFT Launchpad, we offer a white-label customer engagement solution that helps them achieve true customer loyalty and increase their customer lifetime value.

Differentiate yourself from your competition and offer your customers innovative emotional experiences. Your customers will notice the difference!

Powered by Blockchain Technology.

Chainmatics Studio

Chainmatics Studio is an innovative web-based software that allows you to create NFTs without programming knowledge. Our no-code approach makes it effortless to turn digital artwork, music, collectibles and more into unique NFTs. Explore our platform! Upload, organize and manage your creations - start now!

  • bulletpoint NTFs on no-code basis
  • bulletpoint Login with social logins, email or versch. Wallets
  • bulletpoint Intuitive and flexible metadata editor
  • bulletpoint Management of your NFTs at any time
  • bulletpoint Support for various blockchains (Ethereum, Polygon, etc.)
  • bulletpoint Compatible with marketplaces like Opensea
  • bulletpoint And much more
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Do you have questions about our products, would you like to work with us or simply contact our company? No problem! Use the contact form, send us an e-mail or call us. We are looking forward to your inquiry!

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